Delivery & Communication

Prioritizing People

Our benefits delivery and communication process addresses historical industry shortcomings and maximizes employer benefit investment, employee understanding, and administrative efficiency, so your employees understand what all is offered.

Strategic Planning

At Avant, we recognize every customer is unique with specialized employee benefit and communication needs. We approach all client engagements with this understanding and use strategic planning to define project scope.

During this step, we gather key stakeholders to share comprehensive information critical to creating a path to a successful program. We formalize this information, which includes project specifications and expectations, logistical opportunities and challenges, and success metric development into the blueprint that drives our workflow.

We start with the end in mind and take time to define a meaningful and effective strategy. This is a key reason for Avant’s success in meeting and exceeding our clients desired outcomes.

Employee Communication

As employee benefits become increasingly complex, it is critical for employers to develop and ensure delivery of effective communications.

At Avant, our goal is to create a high-touch communication experience that allows each employee to understand all available benefits and make fully informed decisions regarding benefits elections. We review and use all appropriate communication mediums available to maximize possibilities and create impactful employee experiences.

Embracing Technology

The importance of technology in benefits delivery, communication, and administration cannot be overstated.

At Avant, we understand the interdependence between technology and multiple facets of the employee benefits landscape. This can be seen throughout our process including:

  • Product marketing
  • Benefit enrollment
  • Billing
  • Administration
  • Direct communication messaging with employees

Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers leverage their current technology and resources to efficiently and meaningfully improve the benefit administration process.

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